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Business Extension

IRS Update

IRS has extended the date for tax return. More Info...

Client Testimonials

22-1-2014 "This was a great, simple process! eZextension made it quick and easy. Thank you! " ( John )

22-1-2014 "This was easier than sending the extension through the mail. " ( Franklin )


Business Extension

File now and avoid possible IRS late filing penalties! It takes only 5-10 minutes to complete your individual extension form 7004 with us. Individual extension tax filing allows you to file and receive acknowledgement quickly.

Business Tax Extension for Form 7004 can be filed online on our website or call us and our experienced tax professional will work with you to complete a timely extension for you. Our online or Tele-File feature offers quick and easy filing of Extension Form 7004.

We are first one in the US Tax Filing Industry to offer Online as well as Tele-File extension filing for forms 7004..

  • STEP 1: Enter Your Personal Information
  • STEP 2: Use our Tax Estimator for easy tax estimates
  • STEP 3: Submit your Extension to the IRS and Receive Acknowledgement